About us

Here is how the Junior Flyers story all began.

We are a family from Tasmania, who used to fly regularly for business, holidays, and to visit relatives on the mainland… before the global pandemic, that is! Our young children get so much joy from flying, however we found it difficult to find unique, quirky and fun travel accessories to make their trips more memorable. And so we developed the Junior Flyers brand.

We live in Tasmania but have lived overseas for lengthy periods and have travelled extensively. We appreciate how travel can educate and inspire even young children! We hope to maintain any interest they show in flying and travel by creating a special logbook to make every flight memorable.

Working with a local Tasmanian designer, we created products to help capture memories so that in years to come, your junior flyers can look back and re-live the wonder of travel. If you are buying any of our products for your child’s first flight, may we spark a love of travel that stays with them as they grow.

The Junior Flyers business first took flight in March 2016. Let your Junior Flyer journey start with us!